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Discourse on federalism

Septermber 8, 2009

Mr Arujun Dhakal


Good to hear from you.

You must have been responding to my emailed response to Ambika Adhikari on the captioned matter, but you didn’t copy your email to him.

If you have read my writings that have been circulated by NNSD you will realize that I don’t merely contribute on "load shedding". I do write on a variety of topics and mainly concentrate on water resources. The captioned article is neither related to load shedding, nor water resources. My aim in writing is to start a healthy discourse/dialogue and I am always particular in taking a balanced approach in my writings and, therefore, stay neutral. I tend to write from the perspective of our national interest and there is hardly scope for being branded as non-neutral for speaking on behalf of the motherland.

Take the case of the captioned article (I pity that the members of NNSD have been deprived from reading it). One of the purposes of my writing this article is to de-construct of the myth of Bahunbad perpetrated by the likes of Dr Krishna Bhattachan who have been aggressively demanding fragmentation of our motherland hoping to uplift ethnic communities from the “tyranny of Bahunbad”. Actually the article is based on my notes prepared to speak in GAA forum on federalism last Thursday in which besides him, Dr Shankar Sharma and Jainendra Jivan joined me in the panel. On the other hand, Newars (you do realize that I am a Newar, too) too seem to agree with him with few exceptions like yours truly. Therefore, it is very important for the intellectuals of Nepal to know that all Newars don't want fragmentation of this country and I am sure that there are many prominent people from various ethnic communities who see eye to eye with him but don't dare to speak out. Unfortunately, they (members of NNSD) didn't get to read my thought provoking article. Otherwise, it would have triggered a much needed and healthy dialogue on federalism and whether it is appropriate for such a tiny country like Nepal. Too bad!

Take care and keep in touch.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha

From: Arjun Dhakal [mailto:arjundhakal@yahoo.com]

Sent: Sunday, September 6, 2009 20:32

To: Ratna Sansar Shrestha

Subject: RE: Article in Nepali Times # 467

Ratna Sansar jee:

Highly appreciated your contribution on load shedding in the past. As you know, we strongly encourage neutral and unpublished views and healthy dialogues. I do expect the same from all members to maintain the standard of NNSD as ever. You are always welcome.

Arjun Dhakal

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