Wednesday, April 2, 2014

RE: 900 MW RoR Upper Karnali Hydro Power Project & GMR

Prof. Dr MP Lohani

Dear Prof Lohani

Yes, Supreme Court too, unfortunately for Nepal and Nepali people, has delivered verdicts that are against Nepal’s national interest and in favor of Indian interest time and again. I have said it time and again, including in public media at the risk of being prosecuted for contempt of court. I am prepared to be prosecuted for saying the truth if telling the truth is a crime; even prison sentence doesn’t scare me.

One more interesting (rather distressing) fact about Arun III: It was estimated to cost more than $ 5,000/kW while average cost of implementation of hydropower projects are in the range of $2,000/kW. You will be surprised to know that SJVN’s estimated cost of Arun III now is in the range of $ 1,000/kW. Herein lies the tragedy of Nepal. At that time the hydrocrats wanted to reap huge profit by implementing it and scuttling private investment, which has succeeded to add 346 MW at a reasonable average cost in lieu of Arun III projected to cost more than $ 5,000/kW. Now it is being planned to be built at a decent/reasonable cost, but it will be India that will enjoy cheap power from it; not the people of the country to whom the resource belongs.

I am prepared for the sacrifice of my life not only in the national interest but also to show a path of dedication to nationalism to present day youth and to illustrate that patriots should not just don’t talk as only talking doesn’t safeguard national interest. If needed be, people should be willing to sacrifice their lives to ensure that our motherland isn’t “raped” (with due respect to sensibilities) for foreign interest.

I agree with you that the country cannot lose somebody like me but it is incumbent for somebody like to me set an example, too. People all over the world have sacrificed their lives to save their motherland from exploitation and foreign domination.

With best regards,


Ratna Sansar Shrestha, FCA
Senior Water Resource Analyst

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Subject: Re: 900 MW Upper Karnali Hydro Power Project & GMR

Dear Ratna Sansarji,
It is difficult to believe that the apex court of the country has not entertained the two cases already filed and has thus disregarded , in your own words, the national interest. Who is to blame for this - the supreme court or our own inability to define the national interest? You have also thrown further light on circumstances leading to the cancellation of Arun III.I was under the impression that Arun III became a victim of political conspiracy and inter-party rivalry. Dr. Ram Saran should not be so naïve as to forget about the background of this project. Finally, Shresthaji, you are a nationalist and we respect you for that. The sacrifice of your life may cause a sensation for some days and may deeply shock your friends and near and dear ones. But the country can't afford to lose a precious life like yours.
All the best and regds,

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