Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The boat representing the economy, inhabited by bloated bankers and skinny borrowers is already drowning. But the banker is blaming the borrower for the “mess”.

The bloated banker could be the CEOs who are drawing salaries in amounts which are obscene/vulgar or could be its promoter shareholders who are bilking the bank, hence the economy, not only by drawing out huge dividends but also in bad loans (borrowed from other banks on quid pro quo basis in the manner of you scratch my back and I scratch your bank) etc.

It is very easy to identify the “borrower”. It could be citizen below poverty line, or the borrower that is suffering due to terms of the banks that are close to usury from.

I am amazed to find very close parallel between what is happening in Afghanistan and our own motherland.

Cartoon courtesy: Afghanistan Times

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