Monday, April 29, 2013

'Ultra/pseudo nationalists'

Jt Secretary DB Singh reportedly in his presentation, titled "Ultra/Pseudo Nationalism and Hydropower Development", at NEA convention said that "Upper Karnali (900MW) license was awarded after global competition & the company has, in fact, offered unbelievably good proposal in favour of Nepal. And yet 'ultra/pseudo nationalists' are saying this project is not in Nepal's benefit. Is it not dirty politics?"

People, especially intelligentsia, should be able to form opinion of their own – not blindly follow anyone, neither DB Singh nor yours truly – based on the fact and figures available in public domain.

The phrase “Ultra/Pseudo Nationalism” itself is oxymoron; because ultra nationalist cannot be pseudo nationalist and vice versa. Makes one wonder whether DB Singh and his followers understand that the two terms are diametrically opposite of each other. It puts even the word intellectual to shame.

The proponents of Koshi, Gandaki and Mahakali treaties also criticized similarly those who took dim view of these treaties. At least Matrika Koirala died an honest person as he admitted 6 months prior to his death that Koshi treaty was a mistake.

Specifically on Upper Karnali, it is sheer foolhardy to develop it as an export oriented project when Nepal is languishing in darkness, having to export youth (just to get them sold into slavery or even “raped”) for lack of employment which is due to lack of industrialization for dearth of power, and so on.

Further, it is height of stupidity to harness the site as 900 MW electricity generation only when its full potential is 4,180 MW with potential for irrigation of 1.5 million hectares of land during dry season, navigation, etc.

Therefore, present formulation of Upper Karnalis is not only betrayal of our motherland but is also high treason. Future will definitely hold the likes of DB Singh and his followers accountable for their misdeed.

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